TrueGrain 2

Grain Library

The following examples provide a sense of the varied film grains available in TrueGrain and how they are expressed in the same image. Each film includes native spectral response curves as well as measured curves for one or more color filters.

The examples below are shown at 100% with the grain sized for 120 film (6x8 film) except where noted. While this is not a typical use case, it makes clear the variation in grain and exposure characteristics across these different films. You can easily exaggerate or understate the transformation of your imagery with the parametric tools in TrueGrain.

We encourage you to download the app and demo any of these films using your own images!

Original Agfa APX 100
Agfa APX 400 Bergger BRF 200
Fortepan 200 Fuji Neo Pan Acros 100
Fuji Neopan 400 Ilford Delta 400
Ilford Delta 3200 Ilford FP4 Plus
Ilford HP5 Plus Ilford Pan F Plus
Kodak Panatomic X Kodak Plus-X
Kodak Professional T-MAX 400 Kodak Professional T-MAX P3200 (135 film)
Kodak Professional TRI-X 400 Kodak TRI-X Pan 400
Kodak Verichrome Pan Konika IR 750nm (135 film)
Orwo NP22 Rollei Infrared

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