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Grubba Software Announces the Relaunch of TrueGrain at a Lower Price Point

Cary, North Carolina—September 14, 2009—Grubba Software announced the immediate reintroduction of its TrueGrain black & white film simulation software for Macintosh and Windows. The product, which has received important new updates, is now being sold at a dramatically reduced price.

“TrueGrain was first introduced in 2007 into a rapidly changing professional photography marketplace. Today, that marketplace is almost unrecognizable, and we are relaunching our unique technology at a price accessible to absolutely anyone.” said Grubba Software collaborator Martin Doudoroff.

As part of the relaunch, TrueGrain has been updated to version 1.2, which adds a new batch processing feature. TrueGrain users can now select a stack of image files and TrueGrain will—automatically and unattended—render filmic versions of each. In addition, TrueGrain users have access to six new films, bringing the total film stocks TrueGrain can accurately simulate to fifteen. Preparation of these films required hundreds of painstaking hours shooting, developing, cleaning, scanning, and profiling.

“The new film packs include two of our most-requested films: Agfa APX 400 and Kodak Verichrome Pan, both of which, like many of the films in TrueGrain, are no longer in production,” explained principal developer Gus Grubba. “A big part of TrueGrain’s purpose is to enable the aesthetic spirit of defunct films to live on in a practical, useful manner.”

TrueGrain is a black and white film simulator for digital photographers that can accurately reinterpret a color digital image into an image virtually indistinguishable from a scanned black and white film original of the same scene. Images processed with TrueGrain incorporate the actual film grain sampled from a specific film stock and exhibit that film’s typical exposure characteristics. In comparison with other software tools that rely on parametric noise generators and improvised curves to synthesize (mimic) different film looks, TrueGrain rigorously applies a scientific approach of sampling and profiling. TrueGrain is a uniquely accurate and literal tool for recapturing the aesthetics of black and white photography.

The complete list of new films available in TrueGrain are: Agfa APX 400, Forte Fortepan 200, Fuji Neopan 400, Ilford Delta 400, Kodak Verichrome Pan and Orwo NP22. These new additions join the previously-available options Bergger BRF-200, Ilford Delta 3200, Ilford FP4 Plus, Ilford HP5 Plus, Kodak T-MAX 400, Kodak T-MAX P3200, Kodak TRI-X 400, Kodak TRI-X Pan 400, and Kodak Panatomic-X. A fictional film based on the real grain structure of Konica Infrared 750nm is also provided, for fun.

TrueGrain is available immediately for US$49.95. Upgrades for prior customers are free.

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Grubba Software is an independent software developer based in Cary, North Carolina. Principal software developer Gus Grubba is a veteran of the computer graphics industry and an accomplished fine art photographer. Collaborator Martin Doudoroff is an escapee from the computer graphics industry, an amateur photographer, and an acknowledged cocktail expert.

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