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Grubba Software Announces Film Pack 2 and Software Update for TrueGrain

Cary, North Carolina—October 16, 2007—Grubba Software today announced the immediate availability of Film Pack 2 for TrueGrain comprising three new films: Kodak Professional Tri-X 400, Kodak Tri-X Pan 400 (circa 1990) and Kodak Panatomic-X (circa 1980).

Film Pack 2 enables TrueGrain users to employ the aesthetics of these three classic black and white films with their digital photography.

“We were surprised and a bit tickled by the outrage and grief directed at us for not offering Tri-X at the time of TrueGrain’s initial release. Clearly, many photographers remain passionate about film in general, and this film in particular. We hope we’ve done right by them with Film Pack 2,” said Martin Doudoroff, Grubba Software collaborator.

Given Tri-X’s importance and history, Grubba Software seized this opportunity to include two different versions of the film. TrueGrain developer Gus Grubba explains, “In 2002, Kodak introduced the current Tri-X film, updating its name and a revising the specified development time. Officially, Kodak claimed the film was identical except that the manufacturing plant had changed. Regardless, if only for the difference in age, we felt these two Tri-X films were distinct enough to issue two separate sets. They will provide users with two options exemplifying two eras of Tri-X.”

Concurrently, Grubba Software has released v1.1 of the TrueGrain software. This update addresses bugs and adds a new feature: the ability to create and apply custom presets of interface parameters. With this new preset feature, TrueGrain users can save custom spectral response curves, grain settings or combinations of settings and then recall them at any time in the future. The preset system can be used to build a library of custom looks and facilitates applying the exact same settings to multiple images.

Grubba Software separately announced the immediate availability of TrueGrain for Windows.

Pricing and availability: TrueGrain customers can freely download both Film Pack 2 and the 1.1 software update from

Grubba Software is an independent software developer based in Cary, North Carolina. Introduced in September 2007, TrueGrain is Grubba Software's first product.

Kodak, Tri-X and Panatomic-X are trademarks of Kodak.

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